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Lash Extensions

$245 Envious Eyes BOOK

The Envious Eyes set achieves maximum volume using a strand to strand application. Every single natural strand is coated to create a truly enviable appearance. Depending on the type of lash extension selected this look can be soft and feathery or a heavily Mascara'd look. For this set we apply anywhere between 95-120 lashes. This is determined by the availability of your natural lashes.

$210 Alluring Eyes BOOK

The Alluring Eyes set is ideal for the client that wants a step up from natural without going all out. 90 individual strands per eye are applied throughout the lash line creating a look resembling 3 coats of mascara.

$175 Natural Glam BOOK

The natural glam set is ideal for the client who wants a noticeable look without being over powering. Similar to the appearance of 2 coats of maraca. 80 individual strands per eye are applied throughout the lash line.

$140 Starter Set BOOK

The starter set is perfect for those that are minimalist. This resembles one coat of mascara. 60 individual strands are applied per eye.

$105 Trial Set BOOK

The Trial set is an extremely light look comparable with a very light coat of mascara. This is ideas for those that would just like to try out lash extensions.

$95 Touch Ups BOOK

During a refill process all overgrown lash extensions are removed and replaced with a new extension. Any lashes that have shed off will also be replaced. At Envious Lashes we aim to keep you at your original volume. When returning for your refill this will be the ideal time to upgrade from your original set. If you currently have lashes from another Salon you will be charged a $50 Upcharge.

$90 Bottom Lashes BOOK

A more balanced look can be achieved by adding bottom lashes to your set. Bottom lashes will compliment your look and take your eyes from noticeable to enticing by making them appear larger. This is ideal for a special event or a look that is completely mascara free everyday. For this set we apply anywhere between 16-45 lashes. This is determined by the availability of your natural lashes.

$60 Bottom Lashes - Touch Ups BOOK

During a bottom lash refill all over grown lashes are removed and replace. If you have lost any off your extensions they will be replaced at this time.

$50 Removal BOOK

Volume Lashes

$330 Bombshell Lashes BOOK

The bombshell set is perfect for those that love drama. Unlike the traditional application, where one strand is applied per lash, but anywhere between 3 to 6 strands are applied per lash. With this volumizing technique lash extensions that are finer than normal are applied to create a soft, dark, feathery, mink like appearance. This 3D-6D method is the ultimate option to give you that bombshell appearance without causing strain on the natural lash.

$140 Volume Lash Touch Ups BOOK

Volume lashes hold really well because of their extremely light weight and flexibility. However the extensions will grow out, therefore the removal and replacements are made at this time.

Eyebrow Extensions

$200 Eyebrow Extensions BOOK

Eyebrow extensions are ideal for a special event. They are customized to suite each clients needs. The stylist will use fine mink fibers in a variety of lengths to build your dream eyebrow. Unlike eyelash extensions this fibers can actually be applied directly to the skin. The application time ranges from an hour to an hour and a half. Before the application begins a thorough consultation will be necessary to the determine the desired look. The stylist will be able to created brows that are wider, thicker, darker, longer and arched. Any extensions that are attached directly to the skin will start fall of within a few days. This is not an implant or tattoo so sweating and rough handled the area will cause shedding.
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**If you currently have lashes from another salon an upcharge of $50 will apply.**